• Jan's Construction CO. Inc.DBA JANCO Directional Drilling, began 1984

  • Paul Klein formed the company while farming, at that time on a large scale, and built a successful utility company installing underground municipal utilities to help supplement farming income during difficult times.

  • JANCO has grown from a small 10 man company with a gross revenue of $100,000 a year, to a 100+ employee base, with revenue of $35 to $50 million dollars a year.

  • Paul Klein is the sole proprietor and CEO of Janco Drilling and is a long standing partner in a respected satellite company, Point to Point Directional Drilling Inc.

Together these two companies efficiently operate 11 Drilling Units with full time crews, ranging in size from:


  • 5 RIGS OF 100,000 LB. CAPACITY

  • 1 RIG AT 330,000 LB. CAPACITY

  • 2 RIGS AT 440,000 LB. CAPACITY

  • 1 RIG AT OVER 1,000,000 LB. CAPACITY

In addition to the larger rigs, we have 7 late model mud cleaning systems.

JANCO Drilling superintendents on all large rigs have been drilling for JANCO for a combined experience time of over 73 years. They have been taught the JANCO way of exceptional work with safety being of utmost importance. Each one has the experience to successfully complete any drilling job at any experience level required.

JANCO has a number of successful star accomplishments we are very proud of.

  • 10 DRILLS OF OVER 8,000FT

  • 4 DRILLS OF OVER 9,000FT

  • 1 DRILL OF 10,400FT

JANCO has also successfully completed over 30 INTERCEPT DRILLS during the last 4 years, making it one of the MOST EXPERIENCED companies in the industry in that particular field.

JANCO has an experienced in house team of surveyors who can verify field layout to proposed design, recognize any potential design errors and constructability issues, and submit resolutions if so required or desired. We are also skilled in the operation of all relevant drill guidance systems, from AC to DC tracking and Gyroscope guidance.

Our team is highly skilled with the latest global position systems as well as dual axis total stations. We take pride in delivering timely, accurate as built data sets.

JANCO owns 8 completed Tensor Hi-Res and Paratrack probes, along with all necessary surface gear and annular pressure monitoring attachments.

JANCO has done a large number of Gyro guided drills over the years. There is never a situation where JANCO cannot employ a steering system that will safety cover the situation

JANCO owns a fleet of over twenty 18 wheeler tractors with 41 trailers for general equipment hauling. JANCO has three Heavy Haul Tractors with 4 Axle LO-BOYS, Stingers, and Dollies so we can in-house haul any of the Super-Load category equipments we own.

In addition to all these trucks, JANCO owns twelve 130 BBL Vacuum truck units and two 25 yard end dumps to efficiently haul water or spent drilling fluid at the work sites.

JANCO has a fully equipped shop with full time mechanics, welders, and fabricators so that we can maintain, repair, or build whatever we may need for any emergency job needs or specialty tooling as it arises.

  • JANCO also has in house Drafting Personnel who keep JANCO current with as built data for our clients, as well as provide proposed design drawings for future client work. We pride ourselves on being innovative in designing HDD'S in tight, congested areas in a safe and constructible design that does not compromise the products integrity.
  • At JANCO, safety is our number one priority. We have full time in-house safety personnel who constantly monitors each crew for behavior and habits. Their duties are to educate our employees and manage our safety policies in a manner that will produce maximum safety and efficiency.
  • JANCO'S safety record is one of our largest sources of pride. We always work very hard to keep safety at the forefront of our company policies and reward our personnel for safe performance.

Janco maintains an excellent safety record. In our 20 plus years of business, we have maintained an EMR rating under 1.0.

We currently own and operate the most powerful GPS system available. In addition, we operate high end dual-axis compensated Nikon total stations, along with the latest field software to ensure maximum accuracy and productivity to assist with any survey requirements. Please tap the "EQUIPMENT" section to view a full description of JANCO'S equipment.